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this video sums up my whole life


How to dress like Dale Gribble
Thanks to thomashpark for the submission!

So I hear you need a date for the banquet.  Why not Sean?  Allow me to tell you why:

1) I am a man of style.

2) as an aspiring actor (ask me for my 4 second long acting reel), I’m pretty much a younger, less talented Paul Newman, which could be good for attracting sponsors, right?  At the very least, I can provide sponsorship from Lobster Taco Racing.

3) my compact size allows me to fit in the back of a Chevy Volt without problem:

4) My engineering prowess would be an asset to the entire KV Racing Technology organization.  I bet no one on your team thought to use a butter knife to reduce the weight of your car!

5) I am more than willing to taste test food to make sure it is not poisoned:

6) If someone steals the wheels off your car, I will find them for you and have that person thrown in jail.

7) I, too, own a vehicle that produces zero emissions:

8. I ran out of more reasons, so here is a cat running up a slide:

Stupid babies need the most attention!

Stupid babies need the most attention!



What alcohol says about you.

Whiskey and Bourbon ones are spot on.

I don’t think I’ve had more than a beer or two in the past 3 months because I have no social life, but this seems accurate.